About Our Ministries

Reaching The World For Christ Through Bus Ministries. Outreach Ministries. Breaking Addictions. Childrens Ministries. Youth Ministries. Adult Ministries.

We see it as our goal and desire to serve our community and our families. As this generation poses many challenges in doing so, we have organized ourselves to support them in so many ways. Look further into each of these ministries to see where you might either benefit, or just fit!

We provide multiple services and ministries each having their own goals. The Sunday School Hour is systematic approach to studying the Bible. There is class for all ages, children through adult. Our Sunday Morning services are a look to the Word of God for inspiration and motivation. An evangelic emphasis is always in the forefront.

Sunday Evening is designed to build and grow the individual and families. Then Wednesday Night is an Ol’ Fashioned Prayer Meeting followed by a collegiate look at a number of topics. Some include, Spiritual Warfare. Evolution vs. God (a scientific approach). Why So Many Bibles? Which is the Word of God? Soteriology, is salvation the same through the multiples of religions? Eschatology, making sense of the events and times we live in. And so many more.

Children’s Church is a time set aside to minister … to kids! Bus Ministry is the means by which we give children and families a lift to church … on us! Breaking Addictions a ministry helping those in substance abuse. Hamilton College of the Bible, learn the core curriculum of a Bible degree while still attending to family and church right here at home!

Our Ministries