About Us

A Church Home That cares. Loves. helps.

Indian Springs Baptist Church

Sent out of Community Baptist Church of Franklin, Ohio for the starting of a home mission project God has blessed many to become not only part of His family, but a family all our own.

On the first Sunday in December of 1996 Pastor French, his wife Dianne, and their children Rachel and Justin were the beginning of Indian Springs Baptist Mission in a rented storefront. That evening Indian Springs had their first visitor, Ms. Connie Hurst.

In January of 1998 we were organized into the Indian Springs Baptist Church. The name was the result of Fairfield Township, Ohio attempting to change their name and become the “city” of Indian Springs here in the State of Ohio. As the storefront days were right in the midst of those changes and location we adopted the name. Later the move to incorporate the township into a city failed … the zip code status and church name, remained!

Your Invitation

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to visit our church.
Please accept our invitation, on behalf of our body of believers to attend our services. I believe you will find a ministry of truth, family, faith and friendship. We look forward to your visit.

Our Presentation

It is our vision to help you develop and grow in every aspect of your whole mind, body, soul and spirit through an understanding of God's Holy word.

Our Vision

It is our vision to help you develop and grow in every aspect of your whole mind, body, soul and spirit through an understanding of God's Holy word.

The Work

Our commitment is to work in the community as a resource for God's answers to life's struggles and challenges. We provide a place where our children can learn and parents can find help and encouragement.

The Indian Springs Difference

We believe you can worship God in a sound scriptural environment not compromising Bible truth about worship. We bring the focus on Him and reverence to what the Lord has done. Our services are "God-centric" we like to say. We believe there is a value in pleasing God in worship more so than pleasing men.

What Does It Mean To Be Baptist

The Baptist have existed in every century since Christ. Known by many different names and locations we are all tied to a Body of Doctrine delivered to the Saints, delivered so of the Lord Himself.

Indian Springs
Baptist Church

We follow a pattern of worship and a body of doctrine now nearly 2000 years old. The Lord started a Church under His ministry and we are pleased to be one of those Churches today. We didn't just show up in the imagination of men in this last century or two, we were birthed in the heart and mind of God from eternity past. Come be part of an Eternal Legacy.

We Are Here

We have three goals in mind at Indian Springs Baptist Church.

  • To represent the Gospel message of Jesus Christ here and abroad.
  • To equip God's people to successfully live in an ungodly world.
  • To demonstrate the Joy of Salvation even now. You do not have to wait on eternity to have a joyful eternal life.
  • if these sound like reasonable goals you could identify with, come join us today!