Benjamin Amar

Benjamin and Amar

Missionary To: Bilibid Maximum Security Prison

Benjamin Amar Benjamin Amar is a talented artist as well as talented preacher of the Gospel. After leading a local New Testament Church as pastor, Ben Amar was introduced to the ministries in Philippine Federal Prisons. Benjamin Amar as a feat of faith and courage took to prison missions and resigned his church. He now has a church planted (complete with its own building) within the walls of one of the Maximum Security Prisons of thePhilippines.

Many times when a man is sent to jail in the maximum security lockup facilities it also becomes a sentence for his family who no longer can rely on his provision from his labor. As a result there are makeshift shanty town houses thrown together with corrugated tin roofing and wooden pallets. Benjamin Amar has become the pastor of the men inside the walls, but also to their families huddled in the elements outside the walls waiting for the years and years to roll by.

  • Country: Philippines
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  • Address: 5th St., Pacita 1/#10 Phase 1-a San Pedto Laguna 4023 Philippines