Noel Pacgu

Noel and Pacgu

Missionary To: Mindoro Island

Noel Pacgu Noel Pacgu is a veteran missionary guiding a great church in mission work, but is also planting new works continually in the Philippines and around the globe. His latest work includes organizing a New Testament Church in un-named Muslim country that has solicited for Filipino workers. Many of those workers had connection to Noel and his Church, as such this has led to the founding of a new work among the Filipino nationals.

Bro. Noel is also a tremendous influence in the southern regions of thePhilippines as he has founded a Bible College, graduated many students who are missionaries and pastors today. Annually he works at bringing together youth regionally to challenge them to stand up for the Lord in their coming generation. Noel has been a great missionary and a wonderful friend.

  • Country: Philippines
  • Sending Church: Open Bible Baptist Church
  • Address: Calapan City, Philippines
  • Phone Number: (343) 286-7466