Sonny Fritz

Sonny and Beverly Fritz

Missionary To: Monterrey

Sonny Fritz In 1968 Sonny and Beverly Fritz set off to Mexico for a calling of a lifetime. Establishing the Calvary Baptist Church in Monterrey and also a Seminary to train the nationals Sonny soon met up with Roberto Arellano Sr. After training and preparation Roberto Sr. was to become the Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church until his home going just a few years ago. Today Bro. Fritz is still leading one of the greatest of mission outreaches of modern missions. The Calvary Baptist Church of Monterrey is still a vibrant mission minded work themselves.

It has been exciting to partner with, support, and physically take part in the works there with these groups of missionaries and their churches. We have led many mission opportunities with members and business men alike sharing in the work in Ol’ Mexico.